Exercises You Can Do While Traveling
22 Jan

6 Easy Exercises You Can Do While Traveling

If you are traveling on a long trip or going on a tour with friends, you should know that you will be walking so much to explore the destinations around you. But this whole walking process can often give your entire body a feeling of ache, which is so disturbing and might ruin your whole trip. So as a better alternative, it is better to indulge your body in some exercises during travel. 

Let’s guide you a bit about it by sharing some simple and comfortable exercises which you can do while traveling: 


Squats is one such exercise you do for a slim body shape and a better butt. It is one such exercise which you can do for your traveling time as well. It is best for all those looking forward to building muscle or losing weight, or even both. To have to:

  1. Stand straight with the feet apart and then tighten your stomach muscles. 
  2. You have to bend the knees and lower the body by giving the pose as if you are sitting. 
  3. Now you have to straighten your legs and then repeat the whole movement.

Star jump

This is a joint traveling exercise that is all about stretching and contracting muscles for explosive muscular power. It is helpful to extend the limbs and attain a maximum weight for your body. You have to:

  1. Start with the relaxed stance by letting your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, you have to hold your arms closer to your body.
  2. To create a star jump move, you have to squat down halfway, and after it explodes, you back up if it is possible.
  3. Now you have to extend your whole body by spreading your legs and keep the arms all away from the body. 
  4. At last, bring the legs and arms just inward your body and land them gently on the ground surface. 


Forward-to-reverse lunge

Last we have this highly recommended exercise which all the people do on travel very often. You can efficiently perform it without any gear or visiting the gym. No matter if you are a beginner or have goals over healthy fitness, choosing this exercise will work some magic for you. It helps strengthen your glutes, calves, and hamstrings. You have to:

  1. First of all, stand in the upright position on your feelings and then keep the arms closer to your body. 
  2. Now take one step forward by using the right leg and then drop your left knee towards the ground. You have to bend the right knee in the direction of a 90-degree angle.
  3. While you are performing these steps, you have to keep the back straight all the time. Plus, your spine should also be neutral.
  4. Now you have to push off through your right foot by taking the step backward and performing a reverse lunge.
  5. Perform this whole workout in 10 – 15 repetitions for relaxing your entire body. 

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