Desi Food Streets in Karachi
25 Feb

Famous Desi Food Streets in Karachi

In the era of Globalization, Desi cuisine has taken the world by storm and it is a testament to the depth and rich heritage of the part of the world that it comes from, that there is hardly a country in the world where people are not fans of biryani, tikkas, kababs and karhais. While many may lay claim to the origin of Desi delicacies such as malai tikka, seekh kabab, kat-a-kat, nihari, paye and biryani, Karachi has the unique privilege of being able to offer some of the best and most authentic versions of these dishes. The city built by local businessmen, travelers, traders and immigrants from all over the sub-continent has a rich and diverse culinary tradition, unlike any other city in the world. The ever-vibrant Karachi, is a chaotic mix of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the orthodox and the unconventional. The cuisine amongst all else reflects the true character of the city of lights.

Burnes Road

It all started here! At a time when Pakistan was still an infant state, the Burnes Road became home to a large community of local and immigrant business families. They all brought their cultures with them and the cuisines thrived alongside each other as the families and communities grew and thrived in their new homeland. Despite the exponential growth in the city’s size and population, the importance of Burnes Road on the Karachi food scene has never faded. Today, more than ever, it is the go to place for some of the best daal chawal, haleem, biryani, fried fish, nihari, Waheed’s most popular and utterly mouthwatering Fry Kababs. For some excellent Desi snacks, Fresco’s special dahi baray and the Karachi’s street food staple bun-kabab are absolute must haves. For dessert nothing beats the rich and famous rabri. For a foodie, a trip to Karachi is never complete without a glorious romp through Burnes Road!


Located in Azizabad, this one is an oldie. Offering the whole range of popular Desi delicacies Hussainabad is one of the oldest food streets in Karachi. Of special mention from the various Desi options, are the kabab-paratha, kat-a-kat, and qeema. For those inclined towards the less traditional, there are burger joints, pizza restaurants and ice-cream shops to choose from. Open till late, Hussainabad is a great option for late night cravings.

Rashid Minhas Food Street

One of the more recent developments, Rashid Minhas Road has become a vibrant recreation hub for people across Karachi. Being centrally located the area offers a multitude of activities from mega malls to parks and some of the best Desi food joints anywhere in the city. Famous for some of the choicest options of Peshawari and Afghani cuisine, the food street at Rashid Minhas has the atmosphere and the authentic aura of a Desi food haven. Restaurants specializing in Karhais and Afghani barbecue dishes line the street, with open courtyards and seating comprised of raised wooden platforms built to seat groups of people together instead of the traditional tables and chairs. So whether it is Shaheen Shinwari, Afridi Inn or Super Salateen, you are in for a treat; the combination of the mouthwatering food, the outdoor seating and the famous Karachi evenings is a memorable experience.

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Do Darya

A beautiful starry night, a comforting breeze, the sound of the waves from the Arabian Sea and some of the most delicious Desi cuisine ever. There isn’t much that can top the experience of the Do Darya food scene. Offering a great atmosphere, multiple cuisine options, and beautiful views, restaurants at Do Darya have quickly garnered a reputation and a loyal clientele from all over the city. Some of the more famous restaurants to choose from are Kolachi, Sajjad, Kababjee’s and Charcoal Grill. The restaurants can be very busy and it is advisable to call ahead and reserve, especially if you are bringing a large group.

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