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3 Jun

Useful Hygiene Tips for the Hotel Management

We have all heard the famous proverb “Health is Wealth”, but we hardly ever give it the importance it deserves. Good health is a combination of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing. A healthy person can focus better on work, produces better results, and lead a comfortable life.

But if you are a part of the hotel industry, the term which would fit better here is “personal hygiene” which should be the most essential for each staff member of the hotel. In hotel terminology, hygiene refers to the prevention, protection, and destruction of dangerous bacteria which can affect in different ways. As we see around today, there are so many ways one could get infected or contaminated, whether it is getting in contact with impure substances or still rainwater, diseases are everywhere.

Being a part of hotel industry puts an extra responsibility on you to pay some more effort to take care of your personal hygiene, you need to take certain steps to be free from pollution of contamination.

There are three major ways of contamination:

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Bacterial

It is highly suggested for the hotel management to stay alert on the above three ways. Good personal hygiene should be maintained during service hours. Some guests often carry different kinds of pathogenic bacteria with their clothes or body, and staff must respect themselves by keeping the highest standards of hygiene to make sure they don’t contaminate the work environment or others. Hands are often the main source of germs transfer.

Follow the Below Tips to be Free from Polluted Substances:

  • Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.
  • Use boiled water
  • Clean under the nail with a nail brush
  • Rub hands thoroughly then rinse
  • Dry hands with a clean paper towel

Pay Special Attention to the Following Personal Habits during Work Hours:

  • Do not comb hair in the public areas.
  • Do not use make-up in public areas.
  • Do not cough, sneeze, or spit in the public areas. Always use a tissue.
  • Do not smoke in public areas.
  • Do not leave trash lying around, put dustbins under the premises.

Times When Hands Should Be Washed:

  • Before coming on duty
  • After using the toilet
  • After sneezing
  • Before/After eating
  • After carrying dirty equipment or using chemical substances.

Taking care of your personal hygiene on duty and in daily life benefits you in keeping yourself healthy and fit. As you will make a habit to maintain the above rules, you will see yourself what advantages these simple tips can bring to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What type of room can I book at Zifan Hotel & Suites?

How can I get to Zifan Hotel & Suites from the nearest airport?

You can get to Zifan Hotel & Suites by:

  • Opting for Airport transfer (arranged by property) to be paid at property
  • Book a cab from one of several service providers with booths at airport

What are the check-in and check-out times at Zifan Hotel & Suites?

Check-in time at Zifan Hotel & Suites is 1400 hours and check-out time is 1200 hours.

What facilities are available at Zifan Hotel & Suites?

Zifan Hotel & Suites offers the following facilities:

  • Gym and Fitness centre
  • Games Room
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Outdoor coffee shop
  • Indoor Parking
  • And a well manicured garden

How much does it cost to stay at Zifan Hotel & Suites?

The prices at Zifan Hotel & Suites may vary depending on room type, peak / off-peak season, duration of stay, etc.

Does Zifan Hotel & Suites have a restaurant on site?

Zifan Hotel & Suites has 2 restaurants:

  • Xenium - fine dining
  • Bamboo Shack - snacks and coffee shop

Can I park a car at Zifan Hotel & Suites?

Yes, we have free indoor parking available (subject to availability)

What kind of breakfast is served at Zifan Hotel & Suites?