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8 Popular Street Food In Karachi You Can’t Miss

In addition to having over 2 million residents, Karachi provides a rich diversity of people, cultures, languages, traditions, and tastes. However, you must try the many street meals in Karachi if you want to experience the indigenous cuisine of the city in all its splendor.

Words will never do Karachi’s diverse culinary selection justice.  You won’t be judged whether you’re dressed formally or casually, whether you have PKR 100 or 1,000 to spend, and you’ll get the same level of service as every other customer. You may have your cake and eat it too in Karachi.

Bun Kabab

In Karachi, bun kababs are well-known street food. For its Bun Kababs, Nursery is well known. It is nearly hard to discuss Pakistani cuisine, particularly popular street food in Karachi, without bringing up bun kebabs. These were the fast food kings prior to the arrival of burgers. In Karachi, bun kabab stands can be found practically anywhere, making it quite convenient to pop by for a quick snack.

It is without a doubt a food item that you just must have, particularly if you’re a visitor to Karachi.

Gol Gappay and Chaat

In Karachi, gol gappay is a well-liked street food. Don’t forget to try the gol gappas and famed street chaat of Karachi. The street meals across the whole subcontinent are well-known, especially the spicy varieties. Consider chaat, for instance. a variety of savoury snacks that are produced by combining fried flatbread, spices, and potatoes. Gol Gappay is a significant snack that is enjoyed by many people on the streets of Karachi (also known as Pani Puri).

Round, fried bread balls that are eaten with “Chatni” and dipped in flavoured water (typically spicy). Gol Gappy and chaat are synonymous in Karachi. Both Liaquatabad and the restaurants on Burns Road are renowned for their outstanding Gol Gappays and Chaat. The most well-known of them all is unquestionable “Rajoo ki Chaat” at main Bahadurabad, which offers adventurous eaters a memorable flavor.

French Fries

French fries have quickly become one of the most popular snacks there, particularly in Karachi.

If you’re in the mood for fries, K-Town offers a wide variety, from roadside stands to upscale eateries. The PKR 30 fries offered by several roadside ‘thelas’ in Karachi, which can be found in practically all neighborhoods, are unmatched, nevertheless.

Gola Ganda

In Karachi, Gola Ganda may be found at a number of stands. Do you have a sweet tooth? Try Karachi’s renowned Gola Ganda Dohraji street. Without Gola Ganda, a list of Pakistani foods in Karachi is undoubtedly lacking.

Pushcart sellers may frequently be spotted selling gola gandas in almost every street in Karachi during the city’s sweltering summers because the icy treat is the ideal diversion from the oven-like heat.


The Passport Office neighbourhood in Karachi is the best location to sample mouthwatering kachoris. It is a very ancient establishment that has long been offering freshly made kachoris. Since there aren’t many excellent restaurants that serve kachoris, this one could be the nicest treat for anybody travelling through the Saddar region.

Nalli Biryani

For nearly a year now, Nalli Biryani has been popular in Karachi. Nalli Biryani has been tasted by residents of the whole city of Karachi. The union of bone marrow with Biryani is the factor or ingredient that makes it even more unique. While some people think Nalli Biryani is the best thing since sliced bread, others think it is overrated.


Nihari is a common dish in Pakistani Karachi. A common dish in Pakistan is nihari.

Nihari must be included on any list of popular street foods in Karachi. A hunger for it might occur at any moment of the day since it is a delicacy. Some individuals enjoy having it for breakfast, particularly on the weekends when they can share it with their family.


The majority of restaurants in Karachi only provide non-authentic shawarmas that are just wrapped in bread. Pita is a restaurant that makes the claim to offer genuine ones, though. Although the restaurant cannot be compared to a conventional street seller, it is unquestionably the first in the city to effectively uphold its promises of offering genuine Lebanese shawarma.

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