Essentials for Hiking -Trekking Trip to Northern Pakistan
27 Sep

Essentials for Hiking/Trekking Trip to Northern Pakistan

Planning a hiking/trekking trip can be quite exciting but it requires thorough planning and attention to detail. It’s all the more crucial if planning such a trip in northern areas of Pakistan as due to their remote location and the relevant infrastructure and support system there is not as developed compared to many other parts of the world.So careful planning is a must in order to ensure that all essentialsare packed up and all logistical aspects are covered. Here we’ll share some of the most vital elements for your hiking/trekking trip to northern areas of Pakistan.

Plan your Trip Well

The simplest way to do this is to book your trip through one of the several tour operators operating throughout Pakistan. They all have online presence now and can be contact via their websites or social media.With this option one just needs to make sure of reliability of the operator which can be verified through customer reviews. However, in case you plan to do it all yourself then you should definitely get in touch with experienced trekkers through online forums or website like Lonely Planet where you can benefit from experience of fellow travelers.

Have Weather Appropriate Apparel

Packup weather appropriate clothing and terrain appropriate footwear. Weather in the mountains can be very unpredictable and also experience extremes i.e. days tend to be very hot on clear days and nights quite chilly. So for a hiking/trekking trip in northern areas of Pakistan, you must have appropriate clothing to adjust to the weather conditions. Some of the must haves include waterproof insulated jackets,wind breakers, gloves, warm hat, and trekking shoes.

Keep a First Aid Kit

First aid kit will be very crucial as in case of any accident or someone getting sick, professional medical help can be days away.  Hence some basic first aid stuff with various medications come in handy while in the wilderness.

Only Carry Important Stuff

This point cannot be stressed enough. On such trips one must ensure they are not packing up beyond need. What you pack is what you will carry on your shoulders. So you have to be very wise you have all that you will need and nothing beyond it. So you don’t end up tiring yourself with extra luggage nor discarding things while on the trek.

Proper Backpacks, Tents and Sleeping bags

Trip to Northern areas of Pakistan will definitely involve long road journeys and jeep rides during which your main luggage may not be accessible for quite some time, for this purpose you should have your essentials packed in a small daypack which you can access during the journey. The same daypack will also come in handy while doing day treks from your basecamp.You further need to have a larger backpack with a proper back support. All your apparel, accessories and snacks will be packed in this and you will be trekking with this on for hours daily so you have to ensure it’s a comfortable one. Equally important are tents, sleeping bags and mattresses. They should be light weight, have adequate insulation and easy to use. After all the exhaustion during the day it is these tents and sleeping bags you rely on to recharge for the next day.

Recommended Accessories

Some highly recommended accessories include trekking pole, torch/headlamp, compass, insulated water bottle, Swiss knife, UV protected shades, sunblock and if it’s a relatively long trek in a remote area then a satellite phone with a solar charger is a must have for absolute essential communication like emergencies.

Pakistan is a trekkers’ and mountaineers’ paradise and attracts millions of local and international adventurers. It is advisable to start your trip from Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad where you can easily find the required local support and guidance. If you decide to make Karachi your base,we at Zifan Hotels would be glad to host you and provide any guidance required through are approved partners. Our 54-bedroom hotel located in the heart of Karachi is considered as one of the best hotels in Karachi for business and leisure travelers alike. For further information,kindly contact us at +92 (21) 34322140-43 or E-mail us at

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