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27 Sep

Top 7 Reasons You Should Visit Karachi

Karachi is the largest and the most popular city in Pakistan, well-known for its cosmopolitan nature, cultural diversity, great weather and unlimited shopping & dining options. Despite the misconceptions surrounding the city, it is frequented by tourists from all around the world. Here we’ll explore why Karachi – the City of Lights, is a perfect place to visit for anyone looking for a modern cosmopolitan city with a unique blend of heritage.

1. Experience Cultural Diversity

Karachi, a modern bustling hub of commerce and trade, started its journey in the 18th century, as a small coastal fishing village. Through the ages, with trade routes to Arabian Peninsula, Europe and Far East, colonization and partition from India, Karachi has developed into a rich melting pot of cultures, traditions, architecture and cuisines from all around the world. From ancient temples and Colonial churches to modern mosques and other places of worship, you’ll find it all in this city.

2. Enjoy the Weather

The City of Lights is known for its gentle sea breeze and pleasant evenings.  While the days can become a bit harsh in some months, the average temperature drops to 27 Celsius at night and evenings are pleasant throughout the year. Enjoy a stroll by the beach or simply sit on a rooftop and let the evening breeze relax you.

3. Discover the Nightlife

One of the best things about Karachi is that it never sleeps. It’s not just during the day that you’ll find hustle and bustle around the city but this continues well after the sun goes down. Markets are open till late often till midnight while several food streets, restaurants, cafes, and eateries serve customers even in the wee hours. The city holds several carnivals, road shows and other activities all year around.

4. Splurge on Scrumptious Food

Being a center of trade and commerce, Karachi has attracted migrants from all around Pakistan and the region over past several decades which has created multitude of options when it comes to cuisines available in the city.

From local specialties like biryani, haleem and nihari to the low on spice variations of karahi and barbecue brought in by the Pashtun migrants, Karachi has a lot to offer for foodies looking try all the cuisines of the ethnically diverse population of Pakistan. The food landscape is not just limited to the local options and one can find several restaurants in Karachi offering authentic international cuisines some even owned and operated by Chinese, Turkish and people from various other nationalities.

5. Shop Your Heart Out

Trading is the primary fuel of Karachi’s economy. Being a strategically located port city with the presence of a large and active business community, trading of all sorts are widespread in Karachi. There are multiple specialized wholesale markets in the city center and numerous commercial areas scattered across the city retailing all sorts of consumer goods like apparel, household items and electronics.

6. Be One with the People

Owing to its cosmopolitan nature, Karachi’s population is diverse yet collectively the population is respectful, humble, and hospitable. Every community is different in their culture and traditions yet all are the same in their common objectives of citizenship. It’s a treat to experience people from so many different ethnicities and origins living and working closely and in harmony. One can really enjoy and learn the stories of what brought people from so many different regions together, what differentiates them and what binds them together.

7. Discover the Beautiful Architecture

The architectural masterpieces in and around Karachi portray the rich heritage and are especially fascinating for travelers interested in history. Colonial structures like Frere Hall and Empress Market give a glimpse of the colonial past while traditional structures like Mohatta Palace depict how the locals preserved their heritage even during one and a half century of the British era. Whereas, mosques, temples, churches and even a few synagogues scattered throughout the city tell stories of the diversity in population that has existed in Karachi for ages.

Karachi as a whole is an amazing city for travel enthusiasts and photographers. If you are a traveler and want to spend a few days to get fascinated by the beautiful architecture, enjoy scrumptious food and shop till you drop, it is highly advisable to stay at one of the hotels at Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi to ensure easy access and multiple transport options to move easily around the city.