The Revival of Tourism in Pakistan
1 May

The Revival of Tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan’s breathtaking natural beauty, rich heritage and diverse culture have always been the main attraction for tourists from around the world. Travelers with varying interests find everything from frozen lakes and snowcapped mountains to mesmerizing shores and serene valleys, along with numerous historical monuments providing a glimpse into the glorious and diverse past of this region. 

There is so much to discover and experience in this country and with the surge in travelling over the past few decades, Pakistan could have capitalized on this emerging global trend, but the lack of tourism infrastructure and especially the surge in terrorism became the major hurdles for the tourism industry of Pakistan in attaining its true potential.

However, in the past few years there have been some groundbreaking developments which have given a boost to the tourism industry of Pakistan and we would like to shed some light on this:

Government Policies & Improvement in Security

Pakistan has emerged from being the intolerant, war-stricken, and ultraconservative country to one of the best destinations to travel in the world. Thanks to the Government who is putting exceptional efforts to carve a positive image of Pakistan and enhance the tourism sector. Furthermore, the role of our security forces can’t be emphasized enough who have effectively curbed terrorism and given a lifeline to our tourism industry.

The recent steps to create ease in visa policy, introduction of e-visas, and visa-on-arrival for many nationalities has made it convenient for international travelers to travel to Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has also implemented an effective strategy to improve the tourism infrastructure by giving incentives to the private sector and empowering the provincial tourism departments to take up bold and creative initiatives.

Karachi, being the largest cosmopolitan city of Pakistan is catering to both corporate and leisure travelers in the best of ways, with numerous attractions and a wide range of options for hotels in Karachi.

CPEC driven Investments in Transport Infrastructure

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is part of China’s ambitious One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) initiative has resulted in major investments in transport infrastructure of Pakistan among a variety of other initiatives. The web of motorways, investment in railways, etc being undertaken as a part of CPEC has increased accessibility for travelers by reducing travelling times, cost and also bringing many previously inaccessible destinations now on the tourism maps.

Religious Tourism 

Religious tourism has also increased in the last few years with the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor and now thousands of Sikhs visit the holy site each year. Along with that, the shrine of Guru Nanak and other old Hindu and Sikh Temples are attracting pilgrims from far and wide.

The Impact of Travel Bloggers

International travel bloggers have also played a major role in giving the much-needed boost to our tourism industry. Having millions of followers and subscribers on their pages across social media platforms, these travel bloggers showcased the beauty, diversity and hospitality of Pakistan for the world to see. These videos got viral and received millions of views and shares which made a huge impact and many more YouTubers and Vloggers made their way to Pakistan to experience it themselves.

Although for now there is an absolute pause in travelling due to the pandemic the whole world is experiencing but as we come out of it we are hopeful the upward trajectory of Pakistan’s tourism industry shall continue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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