Beauty of Balochistan
22 May

The Coastal Beauty of Balochistan

Balochistan, which accounts for 44 percent of Pakistan’s total geographical area, is regarded as one of the most attractive and resourceful regions in the country. Despite the province’s many tourist attractions and magnificent scenery, people continue to explore this area of land. Its coastline stretches over 750 kilometers and has a variety of colorful sights and beaches.

Several travel bloggers have recently visited Pakistan, particularly Balochistan. They also highlighted the key attractions and referred to it as ‘Heaven on Earth.’ Eva Zu Beck is one of them, and she is well-known for her videos. In her visual YouTube channel, she showcased interactive beaches of Balochistan. The beaches photographed on her channel transform your dull mode into something new and exciting.

Beaches are nature’s most gorgeous creation. It inspires and encourages people while also promoting mental health. Spending time on the beach provides an unforgettable experience while also promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

Balochistan, the region of waterfalls, beaches, historic structures, and much more, is poised to become one of Pakistan’s most desired tourist destinations, and why not?

Sonmiani Beach

Have you ever heard of the enthralling Sonmiani Beach? Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on some major fun with your friends and family. Enjoy water sports or seafood, begin your day with dawn, and end your day by sitting under the open sky, giggling with your loved ones. Sonmiani Beach is one of the world’s most tranquil and immaculate beaches. You can go beyond what you’ve seen so far.

Sepat Beach

It is also a popular tourist destination where people love spending their time. Sepat beach, in the Lasbela area of Balochistan, is well-known for the odd rock structure known as Bujih Koh. The beach, which offers a view of the sea and the lovely Bujih Koh, is also home to several strange caverns. You will undoubtedly plan your future journey to this location after being captivated by its beauty.

Kund Malir

Kund Malir has been identified as an intriguing location throughout the previous five years. It was one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations, offering a real view of nature’s splendor. Splash in some chilly water, participate in water sports, or eat on the beach, your vacation to Kund Malir might be the most pleasant experience.


If you want to relax and spend healthy time with your friends or family, Gaddani beach in southern Balochistan is the ideal location. Natural environment and the passion of tourists might provide a sense of tranquilly. Plan your entire day around thrilling activities, then walk along the wet beach and watch the sunset for some much-needed peace of mind.

Balochistan’s coastline is the most beautiful and dynamic part of the province. It is covered with several beaches, commonly known as the land’s ‘Golden Area.’ You will spend a fantastic time in Balochistan’s coastline with its rich culture, food, music, and many intriguing tourist spots.

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