What to do when visiting Pakistan - Infographic
1 Dec

6 Awesome Things to Explore When Visiting Pakistan

Located at the crossroads of South, Central and West Asia, the region that is modern day Pakistan, was ruled by several different dynasties for centuries. Some indigenous while others originating from far off lands, each ruling dynasty brought with it its own religion, culture and traditions to this region, assimilating over centuries to form a diverse and unique blend of heritage. This complex, rich and captivating history has left behind innumerable cultural, historical and religious landmarks scattered across Pakistan, including astonishing forts, places of worship, mausoleums, etc, preserved to this day.

Pakistan is brimming with rich culture, historical treasures and breathtaking landscapes that are alluring to the soul. The dense backwoods, glorious mountain ranges and thundering waterfalls emit an exceptional sense of majesty which few places on earth are blessed with.

Pakistan isn’t at all how the mainstream media projects it to be. There is drastically more to its people, culture and natural beauty than what most foreigners know. Thanks to the penetration of social media in this day and age, due to which many international travelers, bloggers and vloggers are breaking the stereotypes about this amazing country by traveling all over the country, capturing and projecting the hospitality of its populace, rich and diverse culture and inviting people from world over to come and experience Pakistan!

If you plan to explore Pakistan, there is no better way than to start at its southern tip, Karachi, and travel up north, exploring everything in between. Being the financial capital of Pakistan, there are numerous options of comfortable hotels in Karachi. The city itself is a great tourist destination for those who are interested in historical architecture, delicious cuisine, amazing handicrafts and beaches.

What to do when visiting Pakistan