Ramadan And Travelling
9 Apr

Things to Know If You Are Travelling During Ramadan

Since the fasting month is near it doesn’t mean we cannot explore the world, and maybe some of us need to travel during Ramadan because of work, meeting family and friends or other obligations. Although it might be a slight challenge, fasting while travelling is doable with proper planning. It can even make your trip a unique experience!

So here are some things to know to get you started on Ramadan, at home or while travelling:

Plan Your Schedule

If you’re on a short flight, try and pick a flight time that leaves after iftar and arrives before fajr to avoid fasting while in transport. If that’s not possible, plan to have either your iftar or sahur after arrival instead. Before your trip, research accommodations nearby Muslim communities or mosques. 

Preparation for Suhoor and Iftar

Remember to plan your sahur and iftar meals beforehand. This includes finding Muslim-friendly restaurants and finding transportation to reach there in time before iftar, or prepping your meals the night before for sahur if you can’t find any restaurants that are open during those hours.

Find a Way to Contribute

Islam is a religion that encourages charity and donations at all times, but it is extra special during Ramadan. Consider donating some money, or join a local group to cook an iftar/dinner meal for those in need if you have the time during your trip. It’ll add a unique experience to your trip!

Use Ramadan Apps

Modern technology is a blessing for travellers, especially fasting travellers. Prayer times, iftar and sahur time, and qibla direction can get confusing when we are travelling between different time zones. There are many mobile apps you can download to help you as a fasting traveller. Some apps can even show you nearby mosques or Muslim-friendly eateries.

Shortening of Prayers

Sometimes finding prayer spaces isn’t the easiest during travelling. But that’s okay, you can still perform your prayers by combining Zuhr and Asr into one prayer and four rakaats (2 for Zuhr and 2 for Asr) while travelling.

Emergency Iftar Kit

As with any travel, you have to expect that things can go wrong even with meticulous planning. Your cab driver may get lost on the way to the restaurant, or your tour ran a little late, or maybe you were just having too much fun exploring and didn’t notice the time. Keep a protein bar or a bottle of water so that your energy levels are up until you can eat properly.

Don’t Skip Suhoor

Jetlag or the cold weather can kill your abilities to wake up early in the morning, but as tempting as it is to sleep through, don’t skip sahur. Eating a nutritious meal of Sahur can help ensure you have the energy to explore during the day.

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