Top Souvenirs to Buy From Pakistan
4 Jun

Top Souvenirs to Buy From Pakistan

While Pakistan is a unique combination of beautiful, unspoiled landscapes and megacities that are literally bursting at the seams with people, nothing entices visitors to come and discover the country’s secrets more than Pakistanis’ warm and inviting attitude.

In fact, several world-famous explorers who have recently visited the nation have written about how incredible their experience was. These folks travelled around Pakistan to their hearts’ content, collecting some incredible items to take home as a memento of their adventure.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Pakistani souvenirs to take home with you after your trip to the nation.

Traditional Outfits

In Pakistan, traditional clothing and costumes might be presented as a gift or memento. Traditional motifs may be found in almost every area of the nation. Tourists go to see dresses of different provinces, which each symbolize a different region.


Packing delicate things into luggage is always a challenge, but if you have hard case luggage, handmade pottery is a Pakistani memento worth travelling. Multan is the most famous area for this, where pottery is typically created from blue and white porcelain and embellished with flowery designs.


While Pakistan is not a very chilly nation, it does have a sizable carpet weaving industry, with both domestic and foreign kinds available as souvenirs. Because costs vary depending on the carpet’s thickness, density, and quality, it’s best to browse for rugs with a local guide who can assist you haggle with merchants for a reasonable price.


Traditional Pakistani jewelry is frequently hefty, composed of silver or gold, and studded with jewels. While it is preferable to buy gemstone jewelry in northern Pakistan, the larger cities also have their own jewelry markets where everything from modern to traditional items is on exhibit.


Women in Pakistan frequently wear beautiful embroidered shawls and stoles made from self-fabric, which are generally worn with the national attire of the Shalwar Kameez or its variations. As a visitor to the nation, you’ll most likely visit the northern regions, which have chilly weather practically all year.

Embroidered Bed sheet

Bed sheets are among Pakistan’s most inexpensive goods. These are less costly and more readily accessible, and they come in a variety of designs. You may go to any bed sheet shop to purchase an embroidered bed sheet. In terms of workmanship, texture, substance, and madness, there is a wide range of styles to choose from, each with its own charm and zest.


Pakistanis are patriotic, and you can see this during the cricket season, when every vendor and merchant will have a variety of T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, bangles, jewelry, bandannas, and other patriotic items for sale, all in the national green and white colors. The Pakistani flag is also depicted on the majority of the clothing.

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